Our goal at Hands for Holly Fund is to help pay for financial needs so that families can be with their critically ill or injured child in the hospital.  We believe that no one should have to choose between paying the bills or being by their child's bedside.

"Life would be so simple if things happened the way we have imagined it to be. God's ways are not our ways and His purpose we may never grasp until we reach and enter those pearly gates of Splendor. 

We had plumbing issues that overwhelmed us, medication and lab challenges with the boys and then the car repairs were piling up. Hands For Holly Fund offered a very generous gift to pay all our expenses....we just sighed and looked up and said THANK YOU. We pray for your ministry to honor Holly's wishes and the blessings that will far out live our lives."

Ocampo Family - Both sons are kidney transplant recipients from Levine Children's Hospital

Thanks to the financial support offered by the Hands for Holly Fund, one of our patients, a young child diagnosed with cancer, was able to have his family by his side during the last year of his life.  According to the patient’s sister, HFHF was a “gift from God”.   HFHF helped cover the cost of this family’s mortgage and gave them peace of mind.  The sister remembers seeing so many patients in the hospital whose families couldn’t be with them at some of their most vulnerable times, but HFHF gave this family “the gift of time.”  Because of their generosity, her brother was never left alone.

Kellie McGregor, Atrium Health Foundation

"I would like to give a big thanks to the Hands for Holly Fund for giving me this amazing gift- it will not be a waste. I will use my manual wheelchair to make me stronger and keep me on track towards reaching my goal of utilizing a manual wheelchair as my primary mode of mobility.  It will also provide me with the opportunity to be more active in my community as it is easier to transport.  I would like to say how appreciative I am of your generosity.”

"Hands for Holly has provided me with the opportunity to have my driving abilities professionally assessed and evaluated to help me improve in this domain. Driving is an important activity of daily living that enables a person to obtain independence, and through the opportunity granted to me from Hands for Holly, I will be able to receive assistance with this activity. Driving is a task that as a brain tumor survivor, I have trouble with. I am grateful to have the chance to work with a professional to improve my abilities and open the door to independence."

We have a patient who has basically been in and out of the hospital most weeks this year since April. Although the mother was the single working parent for the first 4 years of his life, she finally had to quit her minimum wage job to care for him.  Her husband has a permanent disability. Monies

from HFHF went to help the family with back rent and 2 pieces of medical equipment that insurance doesn’t cover.  The equipment prevents the patient from pulling out tubes and will hopefully prevent future re-hospitalizations.


In speaking with the mother on Monday, she said HFHF was  “God sent” and made her family’s life a lot easier.  Her son is doing remarkably better and was preparing for a blood transfusion on Tuesday.


Kellie McGregor, Atrium Health Foundation

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