No family ever plans for their child to receive a cancer diagnosis. For the families it happens to, the parent focus is on the care and treatment of their child, but what about the everyday responsibilities, such as jobs, bills, and other children within the household?  

Due to the time required of parents to be in the hospital around the clock or in outpatient treatments, such as radiation and chemotherapy on a daily basis, one parent often involuntarily or voluntarily leaves their job. The financial burden suddenly placed on the family is significant, especially within a single parent household.

Hands For Holly Memorial Fund supports families fighting childhood cancer by paying for essential expenses on a family’s behalf and offering access to financial education and planning services. Our goal is to help families focus on accessing care, getting well, and being at their child's bedside.

Click on the case study provided by a Hands for Holly partner for a glimpse on the financial impact of pediatric cancer.


Hands for Holly requests referrals to our program by medical personnel, i.e. social workers, case managers, and other healthcare professionals within our partner hospitals (Levine Children's Hospital, Hemby Children's Hospital, St. Jude Affiliate Clinic in Charlotte, Duke Children's Hospital &/or Nicklaus Children's Hospital). Medical professionals will complete an online application and approved expenses will be paid directly on behalf of the family. 

If a family is not associated with one of our partner hospitals, they can still have their social worker/healthcare professional complete an application to access fianancial assistance on a family's behalf. Please review our guidelines and click on our application below to get started. 


Families should allow up to two weeks for their application to be processed and their bills paid.


  • Rent/Mortgage

  • Utility bills 

  • Car payments/ Transportation costs

  • Childcare

  • Medically necessary nutritional supplements or foods

  • Co-pays

  • Handicap equipment

  • Other related financial need as identified by the social worker.


  • The patient must be on active treatment or within one year of treatment in order for the family to qualify.

  • The majority of our funds are used to support families with a child (aged 17 or younger) fighting pediatric cancer. However, we also provide assistance to young adults (aged 18 to 26) living with cancer.

  • The patient or family must be represented by a healthcare professional (e.g. social worker, resource manager) who has a good understanding of how assistance will impact a family’s financial stability going forward and can serve as a liaison with Hands For Holly to verify the patient’s medical information and the family’s need for financial assistance

  • The patient or family, through the social worker or resource manager, must demonstrate hardship related to the financial impact of their loved one’s cancer treatment

  • Eligible expenses are considered to be necessity items, including mortgage or rent, utilities, auto-related expenses (eg, repairs, loans, and insurance payments), childcare, treatment-related travel, hospital parking, etc…

  • An application can be made for assistance not to exceed $2,000 within a 1-month period. A family can re-apply two additional times within a 12-month period for additional funds not to exceed a total of $6,000 within a 12-month period. Exceptions to this amount and time limit can be presented by the family’s social worker/healthcare professional and will be reviewed on a case by case basis.


In addition to these guidelines, Hands For Holly's partner agency will work with our hospital social workers to screen for Cancer-Related Financial Toxicity (CRFT) to direct patients to resources with the greatest potential to reduce out-of-pocket costs related to treatment.  

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