Tough day...

I never know how I'll feel on the anniversary of Holly's death. Leading up to this day, I tell myself it's a day like any

of the other 364; that she's gone from me in this world. But, it would be impossible not to reflect a bit longer on July 1st.

Today I find myself wondering, if she were still here, where would she be going to college in August? Who would she be dating? What plans for her future would she be plotting? Those thoughts of course bring the tears and longing and loss. I miss her still. Today is a tiny bit lighter than four years ago, or three years ago, or even last year on this day. Time does help. The memories I have of Holly being ill are slowly being replaced with the memories of her healthy youth, her smiling face, and contagious laugh.

I remain grateful to the volunteers and supporters of #handsforholly who have made Holly's wish of helping other children fighting cancer a reality. I think of the families sleeping on the couch in their child's room at #LevineChildrensHospital and my heart breaks for them.

There is not a doubt that Holly remains a light in this world & I am so blessed to have had the amazing opportunity to be her mom for 14 years. I hope she is dancing in Heaven today, rejoicing on a job well done while she was here and even now...

I love you Holly, rest in peace.