A Team of Teachers: Aiden's Story

Aiden is a sweet and smiley 10-year-old. He was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma in December 2019 at just nine years old. Aiden and his mother live in North Carolina where he underwent treatment.

The financial toll of cancer is often overwhelming for families. Focusing on a child's care can require parents to quit their jobs, leaving behind their financial security.

Upon diagnosis, Aiden's mother left her job as a teacher to take care of her son.

Her generous co-workers donated their vacation hours so she would be on paid leave for as long as possible.

They recognized that a pile of medical bills, extra gas to travel to appointments, and a decrease in income all affected her ability to pay bills.

With the assistance of the Hands for Holly Memorial Fund, a grant was issued to help assist Aiden’s mother with their rent, auto loan, and utility payments while she focused on Aiden's care.

In March of 2021, Aiden’s mother provided us with an update:

“Aiden is in the maintenance phase of treatment. We are over the moon that he is in remission and doing well on the maintenance treatments. He is in great spirits, doing well in virtual school, and happy to ‘be a kid again’.”

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