Meet 8-Month Old Myles

Myles is an adorable 8-month-old baby who lives with his parents. He is their first child and was diagnosed with Infant Pre-B Cell ALL in September of this year, though it took time for this diagnosis to be made. Myles was admitted in August and hospitalized for about a month with symptoms that included difficulty breathing, as well as abnormal labs of unknown etiology. Upon his second hospitalization, My les became unstable and needed to be placed on a breathing machine in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. His parents were at his bedside, but unfortunately his mother's job let her go due to her absences and his father has not been paid for his time off. Although they are staying strong, this has caused a significant financial and emotional stress on the family.

With the assistance of the Hands for Holly Memorial Fund and Anthony Rizzo Foundation, both Family Reach LiFT partners, a grant was immediately funded to pay for their housing

while their family focuses on Myles' care.

"Thank you so much! My family truly can’t thank you enough. You never know how hard a family has it until you’re in their shoes.”