May I Help? Gift Card Delivery

One of the unexpected hurdles of a cancer diagnosis is the cost, even after insurance. An overwhelming 50% of families diagnosed with cancer will be forced to file bankruptcy. 1 in 4 families will lose 40% of their household income from treatment-related work disruption.

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, their family should not have to worry how they'll put food on the table. They deserve the opportunity to focus fully on their child's treatment and care.

Families fighting cancer deserve to focus fully on their child's treatment and care.

We're here to make a difference for families fighting cancer. Our financial program gifts emergency funding for families undergoing treatment, as well as financial education and planning.

But our team and supporters are always looking for ways to do more!

In April, we launched our May I Help? Gift Card Drive. We collected donations for VISA Gift Cards at $10, $25, and $50 levels. These gift cards supported necessities that insurance doesn't cover:

  • A warm meal for a family in need

  • Filling up a family's gas tank for the week

  • Keeping the water running & electricity on

  • Treating a family that needs it most!

In just two weeks, our May I Help Gift Card Drive raised enough funds for 81 VISA Gift Cards!

⁠We feel so grateful to have benefitted as many families as we could in such a short window of time.

Our team of social workers distributed the gift cards to families undergoing cancer treatment at our partner hospitals.