Diagnosed in a Pandemic: Meet Matti

Matti was diagnosed with Leukemia in June 2020 at 15-years-old. His mother, Laura, was familiar with the impacts of cancer after her grandparents were diagnosed. However, their family didn't truly experience cancer's financial strain until Matti received his diagnosis.

"Everyone always thinks of the emotional and physical strain, so you never know the true struggle until you experience it firsthand.

"Because of Matti's extensive therapy, treatment and homeschooling schedule, my husband made the tough decision to leave his job to be Matti's full-time caregiver. That leaves us with a single income, which has been extremely hard.

"The support that we're receiving from Hands for Holly will make a significant difference in our financial situation and is more appreciated than I could ever express. If it weren't for organizations like Hands for Holly, we would never be able to recover financially.”

With the assistance of the Hands for Holly Memorial Fund, a grant was provided to Matti’s family to stay current and catch up on expenses after a very long hospital admission. This grant allowed Laura to miss work for appointments and hospital stays without stressing about money. “Thank you, again, for your generosity and kindness while we figure out how to adapt to our new normal." Join us in our mission to support families, like Matti’s, fighting cancer. Donate now.