5 Years Without Our Holly

Another year has passed and Holly has been gone 5 years from this world. In some ways it feels like yesterday when she was in our lives; I even recall clearly the day I learned the news that I was pregnant and would be having a little girl to bless us. In other ways, however, the five years feels like a lifetime ago. There is no question that I am a different person from who I was before her Illness and passing. For me, there was no way to maintain the same level of innocence, peace and joy. Some relationships flourished while others were damaged and of course, my worldview would forever be altered. As for how I remember my beautiful daughter on this day, it is with the deepest love and admiration mixed with incredible sadness at the lost opportunity of her life and light in this world and our family. She remains a tangible presence in my life, however, continuing to guide and grace me and others with the lessons she left behind, along with her legacy, #HandsForHolly, which continues to help cancer families in need. My wish is that my precious girl is dancing in heaven right now, full of peace, joy, love and happiness. I pray she knows within her deepest recesses how loved she was by me and all who had the incredible pleasure of knowing her. Rest in peace my angel, I will see you again.