Caps for a Cause to benefit Hands for Holly Memorial Fund

On June 17th, Ballantyne Country Club again hosted "Caps for a Cause" with proceeds benefiting Hands for Holly Memorial Fund. Windyrush was the team to beat this year and it was a wonderful match up!

Pulling up to the event, I was struck by the sheer number of cars lining the blocks leading to the Family Activity Center of Ballantyne Country Club. Once inside, it was an awesome site to see kids ages 5 through 18 years old donning the green Hands for Holly Ballantyne CC swim caps.

I remember well Holly participating in the swim meets. She was not one of the stars, in fact, we were happy to simply see her make it to the other side of the pool during her event. Holly was never super competitive, preferring acting and creative arts instead. Unlike Holly, the kids last night seemed excited to race and support our cause. Maybe Holly had a hand in that.

Our fantastic Events Manager, Karen Mastrantoni, planned the fundraiser in conjunction with Ballanytne Country Club staff. We set up shop and sold cotton candy, snow cones and raffle tickets for pool prizes and swim lessons. I wondered how much faster the kids would swim after devouring many sugary treats:-)

The event ended around 9:30 PM with the winning raffles announced. The weather was absolutely perfect with a beautiful full moon lighting the event. We netted a bit more than $500, which will cover a mortgage payment for a family struggling financially while fighting childhood cancer.

It certainly is a blessing to live in a community that supports one another, lifts burdens as they arise, and instills the importance of giving back to the next generation. We want to thank Ballantyne Country Club for continuing their unyielding support of Hands for Holly, and to all of the families who donated to the 2019 Caps for a Cause. We look forward to another close meet at Caps for a Cause next year.

- Christine

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