Hands for Holly Club Delivers Holiday Cheer

On December 21st, The Hands For Holly Club at Ardrey Kell High School delivered handmade cards to kids at Levine Children's Hospital. They wanted to help participate in the magic of giving during the holiday season.

Since the Hands For Holly Club volunteered at the 3rd Annual Holly Day Wreath Sale, they decided to create cards for children spending the holidays in the hospital. The club gathered one day after school and decorated cards for all holidays including New Years. Many club members were inspired to create additional cards on their free time outside of school.

The cards made a lot of kids happy! Club members dropped the cards off at Santa’s Workshop, a place for the kids to receive gifts for the holidays at the hospital.

The Hands for Holly Club at Ardrey Kell High School enjoyed sharing the magic of the holiday season with sick kids in our community. The club’s goal for next year is to make enough cards for every kid spending the holidays at Levine Children's Hospital.