Helping Hands: Marlie Lipps

Nothing could be more stressful than having to send your 4-day-old baby into open-heart surgery, at least that's what most people would think. For Amanda Lipps and her family there was an added stress following baby Marlie's open-heart surgery that corrected her Transposition of the Greater Arteries (TGA).

"Marlie's dad was working for a temp agency at the time and because of their policy on missing days, he lost his job," explained Amanda Lipps, Marlie's mom.

Thankfully, a social worker at the hospital where Marlie was being treated told them about the Hands for Holly Fund, which was a big help for the family.

"When her dad lost his job, we were afraid we might lose our house or not be able to pay for important bills," said Lipps. "But with the assistance we got from Hands for Holly we were able to pay our rent and keep our power, while still being able to stay with Marlie."

Marlie is now three months old and is thriving following the surgery on her heart that corrected her TGA.