Caps for a Cause

Updated: Jan 1

A logo on a swim cap might not seem like much, but the support that this swim team and their family showed the Hands for Holly Fund was amazing. At a recent swim meet we were able to raise $1,361.23 through the sale of these swim caps to the Ballantyne Country Club Swim Team as well as selling snow cones and raffle tickets to everyone present. We also received a few generous donations from spectators and families that may not have been familiar with our organization before this event.

It was great to see such an outpouring of support from this community. We especially want to thank Coach William Keith for reaching out to us with the idea for this event as well as Karen Mastrantoni who helped organize the event.

"We were so happy with how well this event turned out," said Mastrantoni. "It was pulled together a little last minute, but we still raised a lot of money and it was a really great way to get our name out there to a group of people that didn't know much about us."

She believes that this event would be easy to replicate with other swim teams in the area or any youth sports team that wants to get involved with the Hands for Holly Fund.

We want to thank the kids, families, parents, coaches and anyone else that helped make this event possible. It was a great way to raise funds for our families and tell more people in the community about our mission.

If you or someone you know is interested in holding an event like this for the Hands for Holly Fund, send us a message here.