Teens For Holly "Do Good"

Teens for Holly member Ashely Derrington has been making Hands for Holly Hope Necklaces since the start of Hands for Holly Fund. She makes beautiful leather chokers with freshwater pearls and hope beads to honor her friend Holly and to spread the simple message of hope. She sells the necklaces and donates the profits to Hands for Holly Fund.

This Saturday, in honor of #DoGoodCLT week, Ashely decided to expand her reach by teaching a necklace making class to her friends. Each student purchased an unmade Hands for Holly Hope Necklace and was tutored through the necklace making steps.

All of the attendees enjoyed the beautiful spring weather at the Ballantyne Country Club Cabana while learning the fine art of jewelry making to support Hands for Holly Fund! Ashely's necklaces are available on our website and will be sold at the upcoming Great Gatsby Party on May 18th, 2018.