Look What I Opened...

Yesterday was a cold, grey, rainy day in Charlotte that got off to a bad start. I woke up late, forgot to make lunch for the kids the night before, and my phone was out of power (the cord stopped working in the middle of the night apparently). A few other mishaps and drama started the morning and I thought, "oh, it's going to be one of those days!" Then I went to the Hands for Holly Fund mailbox.

Once there I opened a letter and didn't think much of it until I realized it was a thank you card from a family we helped. Pictures were enclosed

and I immediately recognized the two boys; their picture is plastered on the Levine Children's Hospital lobby elevator. I remember seeing their smiling faces everyday when I would visit Holly; the picture is still there today. The boys are brothers and kidney transplant recipients. Now, they are also a part of the Hands for Holly Fund family.

The message contained within the card was written by their mother and it immediately melted the frustration I felt just moments before. I was humbled and proud that due to the generosity of our community through the Hands for Holly Fund, we were able to help. This is what the card said...

"Life would be so simple if things happened the way we have imagined it to be. God's ways are not our ways and His purpose we may never grasp until we reach and enter those pearly gates of Splendor.

We had plumbing issues that overwhelmed us, medication and lab challenges with the boys and then the car repairs were piling up. Hands For Holly Fund offered a very generous gift to pay all our expenses....we just sighed and looked up and said THANK YOU.

We pray for your ministry to honor Holly's wishes and the blessings that will far out live our lives."

Hands for Holly Memorial Fund

Supporting families fighting cancer

PO Box 49202 

Charlotte, NC 28277

Tax ID: 81-2842244

+1 (704) 440-0401

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