Almost there, but not quite and Tomorrow is it! Please Support the "Holly-Day" Fundraiser

Tomorrow is the LAST DAY of our annual “Holly-Day” fundraiser! We're getting closer, but still have about 300 wreath, swags, centerpieces or gift baskets to sell before reaching our goal. Hands for Holly Fund committed to helping 120 families this holiday season, and with your help we can do it!

Undoubtedly, the holidays are filled with joy for a lot of us. Unfortunately, there are families who will be sitting in the hospital, watching their child fight for his or her life. Two years ago I was that parent. I wrote my first blog entry the day before Christmas Eve in 2015: When I reread the post, I'm reminded of the mindset of parents at Levine Children's Hospital today. The families that the Hands for Holly Fund help have an additional financial struggle that I was lucky enough not to face. The medical costs and time required to care for a critically ill child have left some members of our community wondering how to pay a rent or utility bill. Together we can help families in crisis this holiday season by paying for their emergency expenses.

Please consider helping to spread the word of our fundraiser and/or purchasing a product for yourself or as a gift. THANK YOU for your continued support and God bless. ORDER HERE