Devyn Scott's Jams for Holly is a Success!

When I was contacted by 17 year old Devyn Scott who told me she wanted to "pitch" a fundraising idea for the Hands for Holly Fund I didn't know what to expect. I certainly wasn't anticipating the incredible result that ensued.

Running a non-profit over the past year and owning my own business over the last 7 years, I can tell you it is a rare find to discover even an adult who has the foresight and management skills needed to run a seamless, successful event. It doesn't seem too difficult for Devyn Scott however. She crafted the idea of booking teen artists to play and showcase their talent to a crowd of local teens. She then proceeded to book the venue and convince the Evening Muse owner to donate his venue and staff for the event. Next, Devyn attended open mics to discover top talent and recruit them to perform at Jams for Holly; she even ran rehearsals out of her basement. Devyn advertised the event, created the programs, coordinated a small army of volunteers including a phenomenal Emcee, secured raffle prizes and managed the function like a pro.

What resulted? One amazing afternoon filled with incredibly TALENTED teens who performed to a standing room only crowd with a line out the door! And the talent, wow - I'm talking about kids performing original songs that I would download on iTunes. The talent ranged from Off-Broadway performers to a young lady studying music at Berkeley to even Brogan Hall who was recently featured in the blockbuster movie Baby Driver!

In terms of profit, after covering expenses Devyn was able to donate $2,513.00 to the Hands for Holly Fund. I was told the fundraising idea started as a school project, but soon after the planning began Devyn made it her own and poured her heart and soul into it. I'm sure Holly Wade, whom Devyn knew from the time she was in diapers, was smiling down on Devyn yesterday.

I continue to be in awe at the talent, generosity, support and strength of our community and of our youth. From Holly to Devyn to whomever is next, well done!

By the way, the RAFFLE WINNERS are as follows:

1) Greta Johnston - Scarowinds Passes

2) Alexandra Romero - Imagine Dragons Tickets

3) Jackie Whalen - Panthers Tickets