Hawk Ridge Elementary Alumni Night Dedicated to Holly & Natalie

This evening I was given the honor of having the Hawk Ridge Elementary School theater performance of Aladdin dedicated to my daughters Holly and Natalie.

When I walked into Hawk Ridge Elementary a flood of emotions and memories hit me. Holly's first day of kindergarten was in this building and my daughters spent six years of their early school lives at Hawk Ridge. I remembered the worries I had when Holly was in grade school...was she hitting her developmentals on time? Was the talent development program challenging her? Was she exploring opportunities to make her successful for future challenges? I chuckled a bit at myself realizing how ridiculous all the unnecessary anxiety was. I looked upon the young faces of these precious children performing Aladdin and the pride they had in showcasing their skills for their families. I looked upon younger parents and hoped they could simply relax and enjoy the moment with their children.

It's interesting living in my new reality. The hard lessons learned. Realizing all that is required is to get out of our children's way and allow God to do his work through them. We are truly blessed to witness their innocence, their joy, their uncomplicated lives. Why does life become so complex? What are we striving for? Truly all that's important is to help one another through this journey, to treasure the good times, to expect difficulties and not to allow those times to cripple us. To shower our children with love and build them up so they are confident adults who know their value.

This evening was such a blessing to witness and receive the continual reminder of what is really important. I thank Ms. Russell and the staff at Hawk Ridge Elementary for allowing me the opportunity to share our story and spread the mission of the Hands for Holly Fund. I thank them for their generosity in donating roughly $600 through concession stand and merchandise sales to the families we serve. And I especially thank them for a glimpse back in time at the wonderful memories I had of Holly on the Hawk Ridge Elementary stage truly enjoying life.