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Hands for Holly Fund was inspired by you! During Holly's illness, our family was given incredible support from friends, family and community. Many of our burdens were lifted in a time of turmoil and crisis. We were able to focus our love, our energy on Holly and on the important decisions that needed to be made during her treatments. Unfortunately, there are plenty of families that do not have that same support. There are families who are new to our community, who do not have an extended network to assist. There are many who are struggling financially and unable to meet the increasing onslaught of medical expenses. There was one family in particular that we learned of while Holly was in treatment that opened our eyes to the need that exists. A mother, single-parent, lost her job and her home because she chose to stay with her terminally-ill child in the hospital, however she had no idea how she was going to make ends meet.

Toward the end of Holly's treatments, we all knew we could not stand idly by. We were blessed to have help and wanted to pay forward the hands that were given to us in love and support. Holly felt the same. She and I collaborated during her clinical trial in Augusta, Georgia to define the mission of Hands for Holly Fund. I believe the knowledge that her illness would assist others in need provided some peace to her toward the end.

I know Holly continues to have her hands in our work today; there is no question that she is our spiritual guide. While we are still in the infancy of the organization, we have made tremendous strides. We are incorporated, we are seeking 501(c)3 status, we have a committed Board of Directors, passionate volunteers and committee heads, all who share in the mission of serving others in crisis. We have structured our first Holly – day wreath fundraiser that we hope you will support.

Please help in our mission to lift burdens, love families, and serve community. Visit our website and read below for ways you can comfortably get involved. THANK YOU!

  1. Support our first fundraiser - Holly-day wreath sale

  2. Determine if you have some time to share your talents by volunteering

  3. Do you know of a company who may be interested in supporting our work as a sponsor?

  4. Never take for granted the precious time you have with loved ones:)