See You Again

It’s over now. Holly is at peace. I miss her. I love her. I’m proud of her. She was only lent to me for a little while. An angel sent for a bit to touch the lives of those around her. She was filled with God’s light to be a beacon to us - and she was! She fulfilled her task, she did it, she made it, and she finished well.

Looking back over the past six and a half months, I’m in awe of her courage, her strength, her faith, her continual ability to remain joyful, even in the depths of a grueling illness. What will we do without her spirit to urge us to be better; to love, to laugh? She was and remains my hero.

I hope to honor her memory by continuing on. I hope to honor her by helping others, by not taking life so seriously, by laughing, by getting out of my own way.

There is a void that will not be filled. I will keep it vacant as a reminder of Holly and of her example of how to live and how to love in sickness and in health. How by simply remaining true to yourself, you can inspire others to do the same.

I love you Holly. I will see you again, rest in peace.