Dear Friends,


A short time ago we could not imagine how abruptly our lives would change from coronavirus. The fear we now face from the uncertainty ahead can be overwhelming; much like what our families live with every day from cancer.

Hands for Holly’s mission has always been to provide emergency financial assistance to address critical needs of families battling childhood cancer.  Our focus is helping low to moderate income families pay for their housing, groceries, transportation, utilities, and more.

Cancer families already face serious financial barriers, but they are now compounded by COVID-19. Here are just a few ways that our families are being impacted and in need of Hands For Holly services:

  • A mother who has already cut her work hours to be by her child’s side is suddenly unable to work while her employer shuts down. Her income is now down to zero.

  • Families who have to travel for their child’s treatment are now faced with the challenges of canceled flights.

  • Weekly grocery, childcare and even utility bills are increasing form families who now have their children home while school is canceled.


While there is an increased need for the financial assistance we offer, like many businesses, COVID-19 is impacting the way Hands for Holly operates. We raise funds to serve families and this is done through events and by personally connecting and bridging relationships with supporters. Knowing it will affect our revenue, we have canceled all events and in-person meetings through the end of May.

The hundreds of families that we assist throughout the Carolinas are in greater need now than ever before.


We are working to prioritize our response and to assist as many people as feasible, but your support today is of critical importance for the families we serve. Thank you for your continued support.


Kindest regards,


Christine Wade

CEO/Co-founder, Hands For Holly

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