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Angel Leadership Program

Thank you for your interest in becoming an ANGEL LEADER with Hands for Holly. 

The Angel Leadership Program was created to provide an opportunity for students and today’s youth to get involved in philanthropy while learning invaluable life skills. By establishing an Angel Leadership Club at your school, you will be providing your peers the opportunity to support your community through service, volunteerism and fundraising.  Angel Leaders will begin the process of learning what it takes to successfully create, run and manage various fundraising events while learning invaluable entrepreneurial and team building.  The ultimate goal: raise funds and awareness for children and families facing the financial burden of a cancer diagnosis in your own community. 


The Mission:

Hands for Holly Memorial Fund is a 501(3)3 nonprofit that was co-founded by 14-year old Holly Wade as she battled brain cancer. Hands for Holly is dedicated to alleviating the financial burden of cancer. Working with hospitals and cancer clinics throughout the Carolinas, we provide immediate financial assistance, and access to education, navigation and planning to families before they hit critical breaking points. We believe everyone deserves a fair shot at getting to the other side of cancer.  

Why Get involved:  

  • Make a tangible difference in the lives of children and families battling cancer.

  • Create awareness of the financial burden of cancer and how it affects the patient, caregivers, and families in your community.

  • Be a leader in your school and help peers grow as compassionate agents of social justice – both as high school students and throughout their lives.

  • Be a leader in your community and school as a role model setting an example of empathy and compassion.

  • Develop life & business skills – entrepreneurship, financial responsibility, event planning, recruitment, volunteer management, marketing and promotions, communications and time management.

  • Fulfill academic community service & volunteerism requirements

  • Enhance your qualifications for universities, internships, and scholarships


How to get started:

  1. Review the Angel Leadership Guidelines (below)

  2. Determine the internal process for setting up an official club within your school.

  3. Submit an Angel Leadership form for approval.

  4. Upon Hands for Holly approval, establish an Official Club with an academic advisor.

  5. Set up a fundraising page as a baseline of communication and donations (we can assist).

  6. Get Started – create a fundraising and awareness plan within your school and with your peers.


Students are encouraged to join and contribute to these activities throughout their years leaving a legacy club for future students.



  • Establish an official club within your school or community as noted in the “How to get started” outline

  • Set-up a Hands for Holly school fundraising page (we can help with this).

  • Create a school year-long plan which would incorporate the following initiatives:

    • Create awareness for the Angels Leadership Club and Hands for Holly mission

    • Recruit members

    • Have a minimum of 1 meeting per month

    • Design & Implement 2-3 fundraisers throughout the year

  • Commit to Reporting Results for Recognition Program

  • Students are encouraged to join and contribute to these activities throughout their school years leaving a legacy club for future student


Hands for Holly will provide marketing, communications, fundraising and inspirational support for members of the Angels Leadership Program. This includes:

  • Angels Leadership clubs will receive family stories & photographs through our blog to help communicate our mission and provide inspiration for your awareness and fundraising campaigns.

  • Downloadable Support:

    • Communication Toolkit:  consisting of social media tips, logos, graphic images and design support templates.

    • Fundraising Toolkit: to help learn best practices for fundraising, communication and event management.

  • Select access to Hands for Holly staff to provide support and attend local events to communicate the mission and inspire team members. (based on geography)

  • Engaged groups will have the opportunity to volunteer at local Hands for Holly community events.

  • Annual Hands for Holly Report showing the impact of a club’s fundraising efforts on the children and families we serve. (Minimum of $5,000 raised in year)

  • Inclusion in the Angels Leadership Recognition Program.

Hands for Holly appreciates the importance of giving-back at an early stage in young people’s lives and has created a Recognition Program to recognize the efforts of its clubs and its members.

  • Letter of appreciation for all club members (list must be supplied by club’s advisor)

  • Letter of recommendation signed by Hands for Holly’s Chief Executive Officer for those identified by club’s school advisor.

  • Determined by: Volunteer Hours, Recruitment, Passion & Initiative, Funds Raised, Years Involved


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