About Us

Hands for Holly is a 501(c)3 charity that was co-founded by 14-year old Holly Wade as she was battling brain cancer. Hands for Holly provides financial assistance to families in need caring for a child with cancer. 


Our vision is to provide a continuum of assistance for families caring for a child with cancer through direct financial assistance and access to financial planning, navigation, and education. 


We do this by paying essential expenses  (i.e. mortgage, utilities, transportation, etc.) to alleviate financial stress and give families the ability to focus on accessing care, getting well, and being at their child's bedside when they need them the most.

Holly's Story

On December 10, 2015, two days before Holly’s 14th birthday, an MRI uncovered a tumor resting in the thalamus section of her brain. Holly was in surgery the next day to remove it, however a biopsy revealed the devastating diagnosis. 

Our Program

Families battling cancer often find it challenging to make ends meet. Our financial program offers aid, education, and action steps so your family can focus on healing.

LiFT Network

Hands for Holly is grateful to be a part of Family Reach Foundation's LiFT Membership. Through this program, we are able to connect with other non profits who share similar missions.

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